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Keynote: Elevate Your Team's Performance (Colonel [Ret.] Chris Kolenda)
Employee disengagement, absenteeism, and turnover are among the biggest revenue drains companies face. Imagine the savings and revenue gains if you could hire, retain, and bring out the best in the right talent?
In this highly interactive training session you will gain:

  • Key insights into how to bring out the best in each of the 4 Leader Archetypes: Pioneers, Reconcilers, Operators, and Mavericks.
  • Understanding of healthy, average, and unhealthy versions of each archetype.
  • Tips to stay in the healthy range, and prune away average or unhealthy habits.
  • Ways to bring out the best in your employees so you maximize employee engagement, productivity, and retention.
  • Ways to avoid blindsides, so you slash the risks of making expensive mistakes.
  • Ways to help your boss help you succeed. Imagine the power of being given the right guidance, resources, and support. We show you how to help your boss set you up for success.

Assessment-Based Pest Management (APM) for German Cockroach Elimination* (Dr. Dini Miller)
Is your company in the pesticide application business or in the pest control business? We will be discussing what it takes to eliminate high level infestations from multi-unit housing and other locations. We need to assess the population size and use those numbers to determine how much gel bait we apply. Long-term German cockroach populations are known to have cross-resistance to all spray formulations currently used in multi-unit housing. This means that these products have no residual activity once you have left the unit. However, we do have the power to eliminate these populations (without any resident cleaning or cooperation). But you must be paid enough to take the time needed to eliminate cockroaches, not just apply pesticide.
Session sponsored by BASF - Pest Control Solutions

Bed Bug Biology and Population Size: What Role Does This Play in Our Choice of Control Methods?* (Dr. Dini Miller)
Customers say "bed bugs" and we say "heat." They say "bed bugs" and we say "chemical." Is this our future? No! People hire intelligent humans to do pest control because humans can think. We are able to go into an infested home, assess the situation, and make intelligent decisions as to which treatments would be best in this specific situation. This presentation will discuss the tools you should consider when treating homes with 1. different bed bug population sizes, 2. different clutter levels, and 3. different cubic footages. We have a variety of chemical and non-chemical methods for dealing with bed bugs in 2020, and we have the power to evaluate and decide what is best for each situation.

Taking the Sting Out: Safely Managing Stinging Insects Using IPM Strategies* (Tom Dobrinska)
Most stinging insects are very beneficial, however in some cases may pose a threat to people. Finding the balance between protecting pollinators while also protecting ourselves can be tricky. Topics will focus on stinging insect biology, medical importance, and IPM strategies to manage these populations.

A Comprehensive Approach to Rodent Control* (Sara Knilans)
How to achieve successful rodent control. We will be taking a look at signs and inspections and will follow up with unique baiting strategies.
Session sponsored by Bell Laboratories

The Trouble with Ants! ... Especially Carpenter* (Brian Sundnas)
This session will differentiate the urban pest ants normally encountered, with a focus on Formicinae.
Session sponsored by Veseris

Beetles Abound—A Survey of Beetles Relevant to the Pest Control Industry* (PJ Liesch)
With over 400,000 known species, beetles (Order Coleoptera) are the most diverse group of insects and animals on the planet.  With this diversity, it's no surprise that many beetles can be important pests in the pest control industry.  In this seminar, we'll survey the beetles with particular attention to the biology and diagnostics of species relevant to pest control professionals.

The Benefits We Provide at NPMA (Dominique Stumpf)
This year, pest control companies were designated as an essential employer during COVID-19 restrictions and, similarly,  your state and national associations have become essential in ensuring your business can operate and grow as we look forward to 2021. NPMA, in coordination with the Wisconsin Pest Control Association are tirelessly working on your behalf to offer new benefits and resources. From the recently launched Work Force Development Initiative -- aimed at recruiting much needed employees to our industry -- to exclusive, money-saving discounts, this session will focus on the benefits available to you as a member. Additionally we'll cover the legislative and regulatory landscape coming out of D.C. and how you and your company can get involved and make a positive impact on the industry.

*Eligible for 1 IL CEU credit for real-time viewing only. Credits must be submitted in threes.

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