Launched as Educational and Disease Prevention Resource for Mosquito Control Professionals

Central Life Sciences, whose founders invented insect growth regulator (IGR) technology more than 35 years ago, has announced the launch of, a site created to raise visibility of the potentially deadly diseases mosquitoes can spread, and educate visitors about preventing exposure and transmission.

As part of an overall public education campaign focused on the “World’s Deadliest” insect, the website supports the nationwide work of Mosquito Abatement Districts (MADs), Public Health Officials (PHOs) and mosquito control professionals in providing timely information about mosquitoes and their effects.

“One of the best ways for the public to approach the upcoming warmer months is by being educated about issues that can affect their health. Many people throughout the U.S. are familiar with West Nile virus or the more recent advent of the Zika virus,” said John Neberz, Business Manager, Vector Division at Central Life Sciences.

He continued, “In addition to these, there are several other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes that can be harmful to health and even deadly, and this site serves as a comprehensive and educational resource where people can learn more about mosquitoes and the harm they are capable of inflicting.”

“By arming both the public and agencies, such as MADs and PHOs that work to protect them, with helpful information, we hope to increase the level of knowledge about mosquito-borne illnesses and how we can best protect ourselves,” he concluded.

Mosquitoes pick up and carry disease pathogens and can transmit them from person to person through their bites. Individuals including the very young, elderly and those with chronic diseases could be at higher risk of side effects from these diseases. provides information on arboviruses including:

• West Nile virus
• Dengue
• Zika virus
• St. Louis Encephalitis virus
• Chikungunya
• Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEEV)

The site provides information about what families can do to help protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases and what to look for to minimize exposure. It also offers a custom section where visitors enter their ZIP code to receive contact information for the nearest Mosquito Abatement District and Public Health Department in their community, which they can contact to learn about local control efforts.

Specifically for mosquito abatement professionals, offers free outreach materials, ordered online, to support the “World’s Deadliest” campaign. This public education and awareness program communicates the critical nature of professionals’ work. Through the distribution of customizable posters, door hangers and informational brochures, MADs and PHOs can augment their work in local communities. More information can be found here:

There is also a link to the “World’s Deadliest” Facebook page, which provides daily content relevant to mosquito disease control and prevention.

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